Stevie Roetzel

Funny Girl - Dramatic Lady

 Hello there!

My name is Stevie Roetzel. What's yours? That's such a great name. Kudos to your parents. 

I'm just an actor/commedian living in NYC while dreaming of LA. I got a cool, shiny MFA at the Old Globe/University of San Diego.

Starting in Feb 2018, you can catch me every Monday at 9:30 on my improv house team at the People's Improv Theatre!

Oh, and I'm currently looking for representation, so if you're interested, give me a holler. 

Long time, no talk!

I’m Baaaack!

After about 5 years away from this website, I’ve wandered all over NYC and found myself performance homes in the city. Since I’m booking more and more regular shows and going out for auditions again, I figured it’s a good time to fire back up the website. Mostly comedy, mostly at the PIT. I’ll be updating more soon. See you there.

MFA Showcase Dates announced!

The USD/Old Globe Showcase dates have finally been finalized!

LA Showcase: 
Monday October 21, 2013 - The Falcon Theatre
1:00pm and 7:00pm

NY Showcase:
Monday November 4, 2013 - The Pershing Square Signature Center
1:00pm and 7:00pm

You can RSVP by either contacting me or the Old Globe at (619) 235-2161.