Stevie Roetzel

Funny Girl - Dramatic Lady

 Hello there!

My name is Stevie Roetzel. What's yours? That's such a great name. Kudos to your parents. 

I'm just an actor/commedian living in NYC while dreaming of LA. I got a cool, shiny MFA at the Old Globe/University of San Diego.

Starting in Feb 2018, you can catch me every Monday at 9:30 on my improv house team at the People's Improv Theatre!

Oh, and I'm currently looking for representation, so if you're interested, give me a holler. 

Here's a Story of a Southern Lady...

     I was born in Texas, raised in Louisiana, and have strong family ties to Arkansas. So my heart lies firmly planted in the South.

Sometimes I wonder how this small-town girl got the notion to do theatre (specifically classics), and all the credit has to go to my mother for making my early childhood heroes Danny Kaye, Carol Burnett, Barbara Stanwyck, and Judy Garland. Given that these were my idols, it follows that I also am a comedian, or comedienne if you’re feeling fancy. I’m also a Gryffindor and a Dorothy/Blanche hybrid.

I perform improv and sketch comedy regularly at the PIT and other places in NYC. Check out the News page for updates on when I’ll be on stage again!